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Geometric and electronic structure of surfaces.

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Scientific supervisor

Name prof. dr hab. Jacek Kołodziej
Department Department of Synchrotron Radiation
Laboratory Laboratory of electron spectroscopy
Group webpage

Short description

Diffraction studies of atomic structure of surfaces

Within the programme student gets acquinted with ultrahigh vacuum techniques and carries out studies of some surface structure using low energy electron diffraction LEED.

Band structure of semiconductor surfaces/2D electron gases at surfaces

Within the programme student measures ARPES spectra (the band structure) of a semiconductor surface/2D electron gas formed at the surface.

Studies at the UARPES beamline in SOLARIS

Within the programme student takes part in measurements using ARPES technique at the UARPES@SOLARIS beamline and gets acquinted with the construction and the control systems of the beamline.

Main research tools

  • Low energy electron diffractometer (LEED)
  • Angle resolved photoelectron spectrometer (ARPES)

Additional requirements to the candidate

  • Interests in advanced experiments and problems in physics

Possibility to continue student internship in the form of:

  • Diploma thesis (master's or bachelor's degree): Yes
  • PhD study: Yes