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Inorganic light emitting diodes.

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Scientific supervisor

Name prof. Jakub Rysz
Department Department of Advanced Materials Engineering
Laboratory Organic Electronic Laboratory
Group webpage

Short description

The aim of the project is to fabricate and characterize light emitting diodes with the emitting layer based on inorganic nanoparticles. During the internship, the student will fabricate a QLED prototype, study the electroluminescence properties including spectral analysis and optimize the layer structure of the diode.

Characterization of the device will include determination of photoluminescence intensity as a function of voltage, spectral analysis and examination of system morphology: surface topography analysis by Atomic Force Microscopy and depth profiling by dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry. The obtained data will be compared to the well-known organic light emitting diode.

Main research tools

  • UV-VIS Spectrometer
  • current – voltage measurement system
  • atomic force microscopy
  • fluorescence microscopy
  • secondary ion mass spectrometry
  • spectral ellipsometry

Additional requirements to the candidate

  • Basic knowledge of the principle of electroluminescence diode.

Possibility to continue student internship in the form of:

  • Diploma thesis (master's or bachelor's degree): Yes
  • PhD study: No