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Invitation for Małopolska Researchers’ Night at our Faculty

Invitation for Małopolska Researchers’ Night at our Faculty


Registration starts: 19 September 2018, 11 AM through electronic form available at: 


We have a pleasure to invite you to an unusual night at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of Jagiellonian University. You will have a unique chance to see how interesting science can be.

Various attractions will wait for all visitors. Surely everyone will be satisfied.

All participants will take part in lectures given by our scientists, who will demonstrate many interesting experiments showing various physical phenomena around us. They will answer the question whether atoms are particles or waves and try to find out why the sky is dark at night. We will learn many interesting things about artificial intelligence and GPS, which we all use.

During our workshops the youngest will learn about physical kitchen evolutions and …how to defeat the dragon. They will find out that physics can be magical and sounds can be cosmic. Additionally they will be able to move to Hogwarts, and see that nature can also do magic.

Older kids and adolescents will be invited to build atomic force microscope out of WADER blocks. We will also present how to build a bridge of spaghetti and for the lovers of challenges we have prepared the Experimenters’ Tournament.

We would like to invite you also to interactive demonstration of physical experiments. If you desire to:

  • see the usage of physics in medical science,
  • learn the secrets of biophysics,
  • observe ubiquitous electrons,
  • learn about fluorescence, phosphorescence and photons,
  • see what liquid crystals look like
  • build a spectroscope yourself
  • take part in the competition with awards,

You must visit us during Małopolska Researchers’ Night. You cannot miss it!


For detailed programme please click here.

Attention! Participation in lectures, workshops, interactive demonstrations and visiting laboratories is subject to obligatory registration.

You are welcome to get acquainted with the Regulations of Małopolska Researchers’ Night 2018.