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Nagroda Profesora Henryka Niewodniczańskiego

On November 25, 2021, at the request of the Award Committee, the Councils of the Institute of Physics M. Smoluchowski and the Institute of Theoretical Physics awarded this year's Professor Henryk Niewodniczański to Dr hab. Maciej Lisicki from the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Warsaw, for his interdisciplinary research on "hydrodynamics of microobjects in the Stokes flow and its application in soft and active matter physics and biological systems"

Dr hab. Maciej Lisicki


The candidate's scientific achievements in interdisciplinary research on the border of physics and biophysics were appreciated. The most important achievement of the Laureate is research on fluid mechanics, microhydrodynamics, and diffusion processes. These studies provide an understanding of how unicellular organisms move in water and nanoparticles in viscous liquids. They can also explain large organisms' physiological processes such as circulation and transport.

The results of the Laureate's research resulted in publications in such journals as Nature Physics (2021), Nature Communications (2020), or eLife (2020), where the Laureate is one of the co-authors.

The award ceremony took place during a special Physical Conversation of OK PTF on December 9, 2021, at 16:15 in room A-1-6 of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy, and Applied Computer Science Building.