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Liquid crystalline materials for application in optoelectronic device.

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Scientific supervisor

Name Monika Marzec
Department Department of Advanced Materials Engineering
Group webpage

Short description

The constantly growing demand of modern industry for materials with precisely defined parameters is an increasing challenge for modern chemistry and physics. Hence, the creation and study of the properties of new materials is so important. The aim of the practicum is to familiarize the student with the methods of studying chiral liquid crystalline materials showing rich phase polymorphism, in terms of their application in optoelectronic devices. The student will learn to prepare material for research, conduct measurements and analyze the obtained results. She/he will learn typical research methods used for the study of this type of materials: polarizing microscopy, electro-optical methods (measurement of spontaneous polarization, tilt angle of molecule, light transmission), differential scanning calorimetry and dielectric spectroscopy.

Optical textures registered under polarizing microscope
Spectrum registered by impendance spectrometer and the temeprature dependence of spontaneous polarization.

Main research tools

  • Polarizing microscope
  • scaning calorimeter
  • impendance analyzer
  • fume cupboard

Additional requirements to the candidate

  • 2 persons for this topic possible

Possibility to continue student internship in the form of:

  • Diploma thesis (master's or bachelor's degree): Yes
  • PhD study: Yes